Arm yourself before NEPA strikes

Just are have been trying to complete a level on MGS for an hour and  as you pause to use the bathroom and return, power is gone. Your reactions are either  “Oooo God” or “This Nepa Sef”. I am pretty sure a lot of us have gone through this and somewhere in our minds, we must have thought "Guy save this game" but we are so into the story that we get carried away that we forget to do that.

There are ways we can safeguard against that with little cash. One way is to purchase a UPS that you can connect your console and TV allowing you a window to quickly save or conclude the level you are trying to finish. You can purchase these UPSs from your local electronic store, Game @ Shoperite, Mega Plaza, Spar or have it delivered to you from Konga or Jumia. The choice is yours if you have the money for it.

Alternative, if you really want to spend (I would advice if you have the financial capability too) you can go all guns blazing and install an inverter. That way, you need not worry as long as you have a UPS as well. You will be guaranteed no interruption.

What if our consoles could be docked like the laptops run on batteries. If consoles could run on batteries, that would be very good for Africa and thus we would not have to worry about NEPA or PHCN messing our fun. Think about it…am out

Nosike A

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