Artist Reimagines Overwatch Characters As Bowls Of Warm Water

Here's something unexpected and impressive. An artist has reimagined all 24 Overwatch characters as bowls of lukewarm water. It is definitely very strange, but it

I think Torbjorn's might be my favorite, with its braided beard on the front.



You have Deviantart user Lukidjano to thank for these wonderful creations. You can see all 24 of the drawings here (via Game Informer). This person actually posted some of their heroes-as-bowls illustrations last year, but now we have the full set to admire.

Lukidjano made a special note to clarify that these are bowls of lukewarm water, not cold or hot.

The full set is part of what Lukidjano's calls "Bowlerwatch," which is a pretty great name. We can only imagine what the passionate Overwatch community will come up with next.

Overwatch has 30 million registered players and recently became Activision Blizzard's eighth billion-dollar series, joining the likes of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. In other news, someone data-mined the game's latest PTR update and found references to a new event, perhaps to celebrate the game's upcoming first anniversary later this month.

Source : Gamespot