The Battle to Stop VR Sickness

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Now that the VR Trend is in full swing, I am pretty such that many of us have tried a VR Headset. Immersing yourself into this out of this world experience is mind blowing. You will agree with me that the expeirence can also cause motion sickness depending on the user of the device. In fact, I dont think its something you can spend too long on at a stretch because the VR sickness comes at you instantly and not over time as some would suggest.

Simply put your experience can be unwavering; "It’s fast and unrelenting.One second you’re fine, taking in the instantly impressive 360 view of a living, roaring rally track, the next, there’s a thin layer of sweat covering your entire body and there’s an immediate desire to yank off the headset just to make it all stop" (Louise Blain, Oct,14 2016). I would like to point out that the its not everyone who goes through the VR sickness and as such, don't want to create the impression that it will happen to you all the time ( experience will vary from one VR headset to another).



At this point your's probably wondering how do you play your VR games without worrying about the VR sickness? Well, the developers at Rocksteady; creators of the famous Batman Arkham series came up with a method using teleportation so you dont have to worry about movement as all thats required is for you to follow the prompts and blink to your desired location (indicated by an icon) without moving your feet. This may seem boring to some of you but there are other mechanisims deployed for players to experince actual motion however, it's not been perfected yet they are quite decend.

Another title that has eliminates the  VR sickness issue is Battlezone - a neon roguelike that pits you against enemies in giant arenas where you strafe and circle in the cockpit of an enormous tank - (Blain.L, Gamesrader). It's was nicely designed and makes you feel immersed in the experience. Its a very good example of having the motion sensation i a tank without feel sick or your stomach churning. Developers and health exparts have to go deeper into the VR Sickness especially with the PS VR going into homes. In my opinion I beleive we are on the right track as its just a matter of time before this issue will be resolved. Battezone indicated to me that there is hope as developers spend more time exploring the posibilies and limits of these devices, I am so eagar to see what follows.  

On that note, let me leave you with  some videos from the PSVR Previews: